Untamed was an inspiring evening, centered around medicine, the outdoors, and how they intersect and contribute to one another.  We explored the exhilarating and fascinating world of wilderness emergency medicine and taught attendees how to survive and care for emergencies in the outdoors. From the perspective of outdoor pioneers and medical thought leaders, we also explored the growing evidence of nature and the outdoors as a means to health and healing, one which should be embraced and even prescribed by the medical community.

Part 1: The Physiology of Experiencing Nature by Dylan Luyten, MD

Part 2: Surviving a Medical Emergency in the Outdoors by Katie Sprinkel, MD

Part 3: Coping With Pain by Stacy Bare

Part 4: A New Perspective by Quinn Brett

Part 5: Too High by Olga Dobranowski, MD

Part 6: Stepping Back Into Life by Aron Ralston