The Podcast: UnfilterED - The Emergency Medical Minute

The Podcast: UnfilterED

Hosted by EMM’s own Dr. Nick Tsipis, each episode of  ‘UnfilterED’ features an interesting and distinguished guest from the medical community. No fancy editing, scripts or gimmicks. Just honest questions with honest answers.

Latest Episodes

UnfilterED #11: Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal

Dr. Tsipis sits down with colleague Dr. Ricky Dhaliwal for some insightful conversation regarding the differences between academic and community settings as well as the various roles of advocacy...

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UnfilterED #10: Debi Smith

General Counsel attorney, Debi Smith, joins Dr. Nick Tsipis to discuss the ins and outs of healthcare law. Many people forget that a subpoena only compels attendance to a...

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UnfilterED #9: Dr. Steven Bradley

Dr. Steven Bradley is an active duty U.S. Naval officer practicing as a Staff Anesthesiologist in Virginia where also resides on the Medical Ethics Committee for his hospital. He...

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UnfilterED Clips: A Toxicologist’s Perspective on COVID-19. Biological Warfare and the Need for Disaster Preparedness

Taken from ‘UnfilterED #8: Dr. Christopher Hoyte’. “This current sars-coV-2 / COVID-19 situation should really be a wake-up call for not just a pandemic, but for a biological attack…One...

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UnfilterED #8: Dr. Christopher Hoyte

Dr. Chris Hoyte is an ED physician, toxicologist and researcher based in Denver, CO. He was featured in Bring Em’ All: Chaos. Care. Stories from Medicine’s Front Line, a...

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Selected Audio from ‘UnfilterED #7: Russell J. Ledet, Ph.D.’

“Go unafraid! And also know that you got to reach out to the right people and hold on to those people no matter what they look like, no matter...

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UnfilterED #7: Russell J. Ledet, Ph.D.

Russell J. Ledet hails from Lake Charles, Louisiana. After serving in the U.S. Navy, he attended Southern University and A&M College for his undergraduate degrees in biology and chemistry....

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UnfilterED #6: Dr. Anton Helman

In this organic conversation, Nick and Dr. Helman establish a warm rapport early on as they discuss musical beginnings, life-changing mentors and the origins of Emergency Medicine Cases. Their...

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UnfilterED #5: Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger

Recorded remotely in the highest hospital in the world, Nick sits down to talk with Dr. Lisa Zwerdlinger, a small-town physician who’s worn many different hats both in the...

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UnfilterED #4: Dr. Vivek Tayal

Dr. Vivek Tayal of Carolinas Medical Center, a pioneer of using ultrasound in the emergency department, reflects on his role in establishing ultrasound use in emergency medicine and much...

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