Podcast #99: HEART Score - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #99: HEART Score

6ad71f86-5c26-491b-b75c-f8f4f90e29f3Run Time: 3 minutes

Author: Dr. Peter Bakes

Educational Pearls:

  • HEART score stands for:
    • H – history, E – EKG changes, A – Age, R – risk factors, T – troponin elevation.
  • Each of the categories is graded from 0-2.
  • Total scores of 0-3 are low risk with approximately 2% risk of MACE at 6 weeks, and are generally considered safe for outpatient management. All other scores are high risk
  • The HEART score is very easy to calculate.

References:  http://www.mdcalc.com/heart-score-for-major-cardiac-events/


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