Podcast #85: Blast Injuries - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #85: Blast Injuries

maxresdefaultRun Time: 4 minutes

Author: Dr. Suzanne Chilton

Educational Pearls:

  • There are four kinds of blast injuries – primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary.
  • Primary injuries involve the actual explosion, this type causes the most deaths. These injuries usually affect organs that involve air meaning lungs, bowels, and ears. These injuries can also affect the reflex that allows increase in venous return resulting in persistent hypotension and bradycardia.
  • Secondary injuries involve objects that injure the patient associated with the blast.
  • Tertiary injuries involved the injuries sustained by the patient getting thrown into something from the explosion.
  • Quaternary injuries are anything else that can be involved with blasts. This can be CO, radiation, or inhalation for some examples.

References: https://www.acep.org/blastinjury/


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