Podcast #499: Posterior Circulation Ischemia - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast # 499: Posterior Circulation Strokes

Contributor: Neal O’Connor, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • Dizziness is a very common complaint in the emergency department, but how can we find patients with a dangerous cause of their symptoms, namely a posterior circulation stroke?
  • Consider a posterior circulation stroke in those with an abrupt onset of headache with neck pain, balance problem, blurred vision, or dysphagia
  • Thorough cranial nerve exam can be important to screen for posterior circulation stroke, as much of the brainstem is supplied by the posterior circulation.
  • The most common posterior circulation stroke is a lateral medullary infarct (Wallenberg Syndrome), which produces dysphagia due to cranial nerve IX and XII involvement
  • Other physical exam findings include truncal ataxia, extremity ataxia, visual field cuts, and Horner syndrome (Ptosis, Miosis, Anhidrosis)
  • The HINTS exam (Head Impulse – Nystagmus – Test of Skew)can be used to differentiate between peripheral and central causes of dizziness
  • Concerning exam findings for central cause may include vertical nystagmus, gaze skew, or inability to track with head impulse


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