Podcast #497: Does my patient with CP have ACS? - The Emergency Medical Minute

Author: Dylan Luyten, MD

Educational Pearls:

  • While certain aspects of the history, exam, and EKG may increase likelihood of ACS, there is no one element that performs well on its own
  • Elements of the history have been found to have different likelihood ratios, which can increase or decrease the probability of a patient having ACS
  • Likelihood ratios greater than one increase the chance of the patient having the disease. Ratios less than one decrease it
  • Bilateral arm radiation is one of very few historical features that increases the likelihood of ACS
  • ST depressions are one of the few EKG findings with a high LR for ACS
  • Scoring systems such as the HEART score can be useful to risk stratify your patients


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From CarePoint PA Academy, 2019

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