Podcast #31: Difficult Patient - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #31: Difficult Patient

difficult-patientRun Time: 2 minutes

Author: Dr. Susan Brion

Educational Pearls:

  • Difficult patients include those who are rude, disruptive, or with multiple medical problems – 15% of patients qualify as difficult.
  • In study in the British Medical Journal family practice resident were given 3 difficult patients and 3 normal patients. Residents misdiagnosed the difficult patients 42% of the time and the normal patients 6% of the time.
  • A patient may be difficult due to mental health issue, fear, or a previous bad experience.
  • The 4 R’s: recognize what is wrong, reason through the problem, accept responsibility for the care of the patient, and respond to the patient to come up with an action plan.

References:  http://pmj.bmj.com/content/71/841/653.full.pdf+html

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