Podcast #247: Are You Listening? – 3 Ear Emergencies You Can’t Miss!

Author: Don Stader, M.D.

Educational Pearls

  • Ear pain is a common complaint in adults and kids.
  • A red, hot, painful ear with involvement of the pinna could indicate perichondritis – an infection of the cartilage that is usually caused by pseudomonas.
  • A painful, swollen ear with involvement of the mastoid process could be mastoiditis, which needs to be treated with IV antibiotics to avoid cerebellar abscess.
  • Ear pain with significant drainage and a cranial nerve deficit points to malignant otitis externa, which needs to be treated with IV antibiotics.

References: John W. Ely,  Marlan R. Hansen,  Elizabeth C. Clark. Diagnosis Of Ear Pain. 2008. American Family Physician.

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