Podcast #18: Lemierre’s Syndrome - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #18: Lemierre’s Syndrome

Run Time: 3 minutes0ba76df4-75a3-4df6-b387-f16b8977eaa4

Author: Dr. Jared Scott

Educational Pearls:

  • A patient presented with tachycardia, hypoxia, shortness of breath, neck swelling, neck tenderness, and knee pain.
  • Lemierre’s Syndrome is a thrombosis of internal jugular vein following a seemingly benign oral infection caused by Fusobacterium necrophorum.
  • This thrombosis is a nidus for further infection across the body.
  • Patients often do not have an oral infection upon the presentation to the ED.
  • Most common complication is a septic pulmonary embolism.
  • An antibiotic course is the treatment of the syndrome.


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