Podcast #140:  Saturday Night Palsy

Saturday Night PalsyRun Time:  2 minutes

Author: Jared Scott M.D.

Educational Pearls:

  • Saturday Night Palsy is also referred to as wrist drop or radial nerve palsy. The name comes from the presentation in patients who had developed a compressive radial nerve palsy from falling asleep while intoxicated with an arm over the back of a chair compressing the radial artery against the humerus.
  • This compression occurs at the origin of the radial nerve in the axilla at the posterior branch of the brachial plexus.
  • A fracture of the distal third of the humerus can cause irreversible radial nerve palsy requiring surgery. The treatment for this is a tendon transplant of the flexor carpi ulnaris, flexor carpi radialis, and the palmaris longus to provide extensor function.
  • Some other colorful, historical names for this condition are Honeymoon Palsy or Crutch Palsy. Use your imagination!

Link to Podcast: http://medicalminute.madewithopinion.com/saturday-night-palsy/

References: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4024814/

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