Podcast #137:  Antivenom

Podcast #137:  Antivenom

crofab-productRun Time:  3 minutes

Author: Jared Scott M.D.

Educational Pearls:

  • There is a four step process to making antivenom, called CroFab. CroFab is made from the venom of Western diamondback, Eastern diamondback, cottonmouth, and Mojave rattlesnake.
  • Immunogens from each of the four pit viper venoms are produced in a laboratory. The combined serum is injected into four separate flocks of sheep. The immunoglobulins are then taken from the sheep, with the receptor site removed, and isolated for use in all of the poor victims of rattlesnake bites.
  • The charge of CroFab ranges from $14,000 to $25,000.

Link to Podcast:  http://medicalminute.madewithopinion.com/antivenom/

References:  https://www.crofab.com/Treatment-With-CroFab/Production

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