Podcast #13: Bougie

Run Time: 3 minutes286748f6-1429-4914-bf94-b09272aa8ce7

Author: Dr. Aaron Lessen

Educational Pearls:

  • The “bougie” or “endotracheal tube introducer” is a low tech adjunct for difficult airway management.
  • The bougie is a flexible stylet that can be used almost blindly when the vocal cords cannot be visualized.
  • The stylet has a Coude tip at the end, which allows you to feel the tracheal rings and will stop at the carina if you enter the trachea.
  • The “bougie” can also be used very easily for cricothyrotomy and ET tube changes.

Link to Podcast: http://medicalminute.madewithopinion.com/bougie/ 


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