Podcast #113: ASB vs. UTI

4d6bc5b7-0b1d-4d12-abe4-c0bbc2e4bed5Run Time: 4 minutes

Author: Holly Anderson, PharmD PGY-1 Resident

Educational Pearls:

  • ASB is defined as an individual with a bacteria count >100,00 or pyuria present on UA.
  • Patients will likely present with another chief complaint and will have no localizing urinary symptoms.
  • ASB is common in elderly patient with an indwelling catheter which frequently will be colonized with bacteria, up to 100% positive presence of ASB in patients with a long-term indwelling catheter. However, this does not mean the patient has a true UTI.
  • For patients with a suspected UTI think of the following algorithm to determine if the patient is truly in need of antibiotics: Are there localizing UTI symptoms? No, then there is no need for UA/culture. Yes, then is there an alternative cause or diagnosis? Yes, evaluate the other suspected cause. No, send UA & urine culture, start the patient on empiric antibiotics, and follow up in 48 hours to determine if the patient truly needs the antibiotics.


Link to Podcast: http://medicalminute.madewithopinion.com/asb-vs-uti/

References: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3534219/

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