Podcast #100: The Deep Dive - The Emergency Medical Minute

Podcast #100: The Deep Dive

Featuring: Dr. Dylan Luyten and Dr. Donald Stader – with special guest Rachel Duncan

Part I:      Introduction to the Medical Minute

Part II:     Top 10 Podcasts of the First 100 – Part 1

  • See Podcast #101!

Part III:    Syncope

Part IV:     Sgarbossa Criteria

Part V:      Troubleshooting the Pacemaker

Part VI:     Hands On Defibrillation

Part VII:    The REVERT Trial

Part VIII:   Inotropes and Vasopressors

Part IX:      Top 10 Podcasts of the First 100 – Part 2

  • See Podcast #101!

Part X: Conclusion and Looking Forward

  • Live Podcast on September 26 (not the 14th) at the Great Divide Brewery in Denver!

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