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The Podcast: Limited Series

Emergency Medical Minute has produced several different podcast series over the years. Limited series focused on topics ranging from the opioid epidemic, biological terrorism and wilderness medicine can be found below.

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Colorado MAT Part 4: Buprenorphine in the Emergency Department

Treatment with buprenorphine is easier, less time consuming and far more effective for management of opioid withdrawal and OUD than standard care with clonidine, IVF, haldol and other symptomatic...

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Colorado MAT Part 3: Medications for MAT in the ED

There are three MAT drugs available to treat addiction: naltrexone (brand name Vivitrol), methadone (brand names Dolophine or Methadose) & buprenorphine (brand name Suboxone, Subutex, and Sublicade). The only...

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Colorado MAT Part 2: Medication Assisted Treatment

Medication Assisted Treatment or (Medication for Addiction Treatment) is an important frontier in ED care of patients with Opioid Use Disorder. Naltrexone, methadone and buprenorphine are the medications approved...

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Colorado MAT Part 1: Understanding Addiction & Opioid Use Disorder

Addiction is widely misunderstood by the public and by many healthcare providers. It is not taught in most medical schools. Combating the opioid epidemic will require providers to understand...

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Deep Dive #8: Wintertime Wilderness Medicine

Author: John Winkler, M.D. Dr. Winkler shares his knowledge of wilderness medicine and provides insight on how to prevent and treat conditions such as hypothermia, frostbite and sun blindness....

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Deep Dive #7: Domestic Violence

Authors: Katie Sprinkel, M.D. Emergency Medicine Physician SANE Medical Director, Medical Center of Aurora   & Amy Ferrin, Senior Deputy District Attorney County Court Supervisor Office of the District Attorney,...

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Deep Dive #6: Bacteriuria and the Elderly

Author: Heidi Wald, MD, MSPH  Associate Professor of Medicine – University of Colorado School of Medicine, Physician Advisor – Colorado Hospital Association Dr. Heidi Wald explains common misconceptions of UTI’s...

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Deep Dive #5: The Evolution of Sepsis Treatment

Author: Susan Brion, M.D. Dr. Brion enlightens us on the ever-evolving standard of sepsis management.

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Deep Dive #4: Pediatric Type I DKA

Author: Justin Harper Justin Harper, a paramedic married to a pediatric nurse, discovered his own son had type I diabetes 2 years ago. Despite their medical experience, this diagnosis...

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Opioid MIniseries Part IV: Harm Reduction

PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Patients who abuse opioids should be managed without judgement; addiction is a medical condition and not a moral failing. Caregivers should endeavor to meet patients “where...

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Opioid Miniseries Part III: Alternative to Opioids

PRACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS 1. All emergency departments should implement ALTO programs and provide opioid-free pain treatment pathways for the following conditions: a. Acute on chronic opioid-tolerant radicular lower back pain...

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Opioid Miniseries Part II: Limiting Opioids in the Emergency Department

RACTICE RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Opioids are inherently dangerous, highly addictive drugs with significant abuse potential, numerous side effects, lethality in overdose, rapid development of tolerance, and debilitating withdrawal symptoms. They...

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Opioid Miniseries Part I: Medicine’s Greatest Folly

The Emergency Medical Minute proudly presents an educational podcast series sponsored by the Colorado Hospital Association addressing our the United States’ opioid epidemic.

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Deep Dive #3: The New Standard in Stroke Treatment

Authors:  Rebecca van Vliet MS, APN; Michelle Whaley MSN, CNS, CCNS, ANVP-VC The Stroke Team at Swedish Medical Center gives us a taste of how they are breaking records with door-to-needle...

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Deep Dive #2: Biological Terrorism

Author: Michael Hunt M.D. Dr. Hunt shares his wealth of experience with biological terrorism over the course of his career.

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Deep Dive #1: Travel Medicine

Run Time: 32:57 Author: Peter Bakes M.D. Dr. Peter Bakes takes us through how he developed his interest in travel medicine as well as some of the more interesting...

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