Event: Opioid Symposium

The Emergency Medical Minute Proudly Presents its First Symposium of Emergency Medicine

“Confronting the Opioid Crisis: Solutions for Colorado”

We ate dinner. We drank a Microbrew (or two). We engaged in a transformative conversation about Opioids with Local & National Experts. Now you can watch the event from the comfort of your own home here at our website. Enjoy.


PODCAST: The Opioid Crisis: An Introduction. Listen to EMM hosts Don & Dylan introduce the horrifying scope of our Opioid problem.

[wpvideo 6UfiMeC5]


PODCAST: How Opioids Became Our Drug of Choice for Pain. Steve Cantrill, MD sheds light on the twisted source of the epidemic.

[wpvideo MsRxObEm]


PODCAST: Prescription Drug Abuse – Colorado, We Have a Problem. Robert Valuck PhD RPh talks about how the opioid epidemic is decimating Colorado.

[wpvideo Ew41JFub]


PODCAST: Addiction Can Happen to Anyone. Dana Bushell RN – shares the story of how her son became addicted and got clean from heroin.

[wpvideo zZxnTZqe]


PODCAST: Harm Reduction & Narcan – What We Can Do to Save Lives. Lisa Raville, Harm Reduction Bad Ass tells us how we can bring harm reduction to the ED.

[wpvideo LLfZl7hZ]


PODCAST:Recovering from Addiction, My Story. Tiffany Middleton – bravely shares her story of addiction, redemption and recovery from heroin.

[wpvideo z9p4on3Z]


PODCAST: What Will Happen if We Limit Opioids?  Adam Lembitz MD, thoughts on medical legal dangers, better prescribing & safely disposing Opioids.

[wpvideo FVFDZqSC]


PODCAST: COACEP’s Opioid Guidelines – How Colorado Can Revolutionize Pain Management. Don Stader MD, exclusive preview of COACEP’s new guidelines.

[wpvideo RhXJnzJd]


PODCAST: An Opioid Free ED?! – How One ER Kicked the Habit. Visionary ED doc Mark Rosenberg is interviewed by Dylan & Don.

[wpvideo Vfc4MtOn]


PODCAST: Panel Q&A. Our speakers answer questions from our audience including how keep compassion, deal with “problem patients”, more harm reduction, etc.

[wpvideo nOqBRFf3]

Thanks to the 240 plus people who attended the Emergency Medical Minutes’ First Symposium of Emergency Medicine! Thanks to you and our sponsors we raised over $5,000 to donate to the Harm Reduction Action Center Harm Reduction Action Center, which is on the front lines of fighting the Opioid & Drug Epidemic here in Colorado. 

About the Opioid Crisis in Colorado & Across the Nation

Emergency providers across Colorado and our nation are facing one of the greatest public health crises of our generation. Opioids, both prescription and illicit, have become the leading cause of accidental death in the United States and hospital visits for opioid overdose, complications, and “ER shopping” have become an increasingly common part of emergency medicine practice. The number of lives impacted by opioid abuse are astonishing.  The CDC reports that from 2000 to 2014 nearly half a million people have died from opioid overdose, with another 78 dying each day. What makes this plague especially tragic is the role that organized medicine, physicians, and our practice patterns have played in creating it.

Physicians are the main source of opioids in America. Emergency physicians, in particular, rank third in the number of opioid prescriptions written. While we may point to external factors as the reason why these potentially lethal drugs are prescribed so liberally, we must also acknowledge that we are a major part of the problem.

Yet we must take heart, for we as emergency providers also have the power to reverse these grim statistics if we have the courage to reform our practices. While we may have unintentionally helped create the opioid epidemic, we can end it and improve patient outcomes with resolve and innovation.


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