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Podcast 560: Imaging in a COVID world

Contributor: Don Stader, MD Educational Pearls: COVID-19 commonly appears as a bilateral patchy infiltrate on chest radiograph, but this is a non-specific finding  Sensitivities range from 17-70% for COVID-19 Many other viral pneumonias such as RSV and influenza can have similar findings Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) demonstrates B-lines, water-fall sign, or hepatization of the lung, but…

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UnfilterED #4: Dr. Vivek Tayal

Dr. Vivek Tayal of Carolinas Medical Center, a pioneer of using ultrasound in the emergency department, reflects on his role in establishing ultrasound use in emergency medicine and much more!   Ultrasound Program Management:   Intro Music: Backbay Lounge Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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Podcast # 420: CT Contrast and the Kidneys

Author: Don Stader, MD Educational Pearls:   Recent meta-analysis has demonstrated that there is no significant risk for kidney injury from CT contrast Most kidney injury  seen after contrast CTs were due to other underlying illnesses (sepsis, hypovolemia, etc.) Older contrast agents likely did have nephrotoxic effects but this appears to be a thing of…

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Podcast #381: MRI… Burns?

Author:  Sam Killian, MD Educational Pearls: MRI machines can generate enough heat from the radiofrequency to cause thermal burns Patients with EKG stickers, medication patches, clothing impregnated with metallic ions, etc., can all increase risk of burns Even skin-to-skin contact within the patient can cause a misinterpretation from the software and increased energy, leading to…

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Podcast #271: Nexus Chest CT Scan Guidelines

Author: Chris Holmes, M.D. Educational Pearls The nexus chest CT scan rule is based on an 11,000 subject, multicenter study that looked for signs following a trauma that predicted significant findings on subsequent chest CT. Findings that were associated with abnormal chest CT included: abnormal CXR, distracting injury, chest wall, sternal, thoracic spine or scapular…

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Podcast #233: CIN AEM Study

Author: Dylan Luyten, M.D. Educational Pearls Around 30% of patients in the ER receive CT imaging, and the sensitivity of CT imaging may be improved with IV contrast. However, contrast is often withheld for fear of contrast-induced nephropathy. A recent, single-center, retrospective cohort study compared the rates of nephropathy between contrast CT, non-contrast CT, and…

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Podcast #194: Atruamatic ICH

Author: Peter Bakes, M.D Educational Pearls Intracerebral hemorrhage is an intracranial bleed within the brain tissue or ventricles. Subarachnoid aneurysm causes about 50% of all ICH. Amyloid deposition can lead to ICH in elderly patients. Hypertension is another common cause of atraumatic ICH, commonly leading to pontine, cerebellar, or basal ganglial bleeding. Bleeding in other…

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Podcast #186: IV Contrast

Run Time: 2 minutes Author: Aaron Lessen M.D. Educational Pearls: Regularly a patient’s creatinine level is an important factor in determining whether a patient will receive IV contrast with a CT because it is thought that contrast can harm the kidneys and could worsen underlying kidney disease. A recent retrospective study compared the rates of…

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Podcast #163: Pregnancy and Radiation

Run Time: 3 minutes Author: Jared Scott M.D. Educational Pearls: Pregnancy is a hypercoagulable state and often PE is a concern. When we work up PE in pregnancy the main consideration for harm to the fetus is radiation exposure. The amount of radiation to cause harm to the fetus during pregnancy is thought to be…

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