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Continuing medical education by the Emergency Medical Minute on COVID-19.

COVID-19 Digest: Neurological Manifestations of COVID-19

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD Accumulating clinical evidence suggests that many patients with COVID have neurological symptoms and that some may even present with neurologic manifestations of the disease. Most COVID patients have a cough, respiratory distress, and while clinicians often speak about how similar the presentations of patients with respiratory COVID are, it’s worth looking…

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UnfilterED #6: Dr. Anton Helman

In this organic conversation, Nick and Dr. Helman establish a warm rapport early on as they discuss musical beginnings, life-changing mentors and the origins of Emergency Medicine Cases. Their banter includes Dr. Helman’s views on FOAMed and multimodal learning and treatment hacks learned on the frontlines of COVID-19.   Intro Music: Backbay Lounge Kevin MacLeod…

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A Typical Case of the Pandemic

a typical case of the pandemic Chief Complaint: Altered Mental Status HPI: 69-year-old male with history of diabetes brought in by his son to the emergency department with altered mental status. Patient is unresponsive and all history is from his son and chart review. Son reports that he had increasing shortness of breath and confusion…

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COVID-19 Digest: Airborne Transmission / Remdesivir (Recorded 4/14/20)

Hosts: Elizabeth Esty, MD & Dylan Luyten, MD In this episode of the COVID-19 Digest, we revisit the airborne vs droplet transmission debate and analyze a highly publicized study on Remdesivir from the New England Journal of Medicine. Research By: Tanisha Crosby-Attipoe & Nathan Novotny Sound Editing By: Stephen Bahmani Time Stamps: 0:00 – Numbers…

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COVID-19: Dr. Chris Holmes’ Intubation Shield

intubation shield from chris holmes on Vimeo. Long time listeners of EMM will recognize the voice of our friend and frequent contributor to the podcast, Dr. Chris Holmes, as he displays the creative genius and ingenuity of his COVID-19 Intubation Shield!

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COVID-19: Behind the Masks

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD The circumstances that led to the national shortage in PPE for healthcare workers, the inspiring work of New Orleans med students to equip medical providers with PPE and the science behind personal use of cloth masks are all topics covered in this special edition of the Emergency Medical Minute. Research By:…

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Podcast 553: Airway Management in the Hypoxic COVID-19 Patient(Recorded 4/3/20)

Contributor: Dylan Luyten, MD Educational pearls: Clinical management of COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, relying on case reports and clinical experience In just a month, the consensus around management of COVID patients with severe hypoxia has shifted from an early intubation strategy to other, non-invasive means Intubating early can quickly consume ventilator resources, require increased intensive…

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COVID-19 Digest: Hydroxychloroquine Update (Recorded 4/3/20)

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD In our coverage of COVID-19 this week, we’ve investigated the shakey evidence for NSAID use making COVID worse, heard first-hand accounts from ED clinicians with COVID, and looked at the status of testing in the United States. Before capping our week of coverage off, we wanted to analyze some of the…

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COVID-19 in the United States: Where are the tests?

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD A dive into how the United States responded to an emerging pandemic and the pitfalls along the way that led to stalled testing capacity across the country before community transmission was confirmed. Hear what led us to our current situation, what continues to be an issue and new technologies on the…

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Husband & Wife, Both ER Clinicians, Share Their Experience Having COVID-19

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD Long time friends of EMM, Aaron and Bree, share their experiences on the frontlines in the ED, coping with COVID, managing anxiety and quarantining with their family.

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