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Coronavirus Testing

Coronavirus Testing Chief Complaint: SOB HPI: 43 year-old male anesthesiologist presents to the ED with increasing shortness of breath, tachycardia and lethargy. Patient reports alternating positive and negative COVID tests since early March, job related exposure, as well as travel to Belize and twice to Summit County (considered a hotspot for COVID) since early March….

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COVID-19 Digest: The Possible Link Between Severe COVID-19 and Low Vitamin D Levels (Recorded 5/21/20)

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD. At this point, with so many of the studies we’ve digested exploring correlations, associations, observational studies and anecdotal reports and speculation, we could subtitle the show: what we don’t know about COVID. And so, today, we’ll look at what we don’t know about Vitamin D and COVID. There have been a number of…

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On the Streets #5: Trauma during COVID-19

Jordan sits down to discuss trauma with Dr. Kaysie Banton, the Trauma Services Medical Director at Level 1 Trauma Center Swedish Medical Center in Englewood, Colorado. In this laid back interview, Dr. Banton discusses how the COVID-19 has affected trauma volumes at Swedish. While trauma as an aggregate hasn’t decreased, the types of trauma for…

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COVID-19 Digest: Could Cigarette Smoking Actually be Protective Against COVID?

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD. Smoking is known to increase both susceptibility and severity of all manner of colds and pneumonias, so you’d think the world’s 1.1 billion smokers would be at risk in this pandemic of what at first seemed to be a just a respiratory virus.  What’s more, tobacco smoking increases risk for COPD,…

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Podcast 562:  COVID-19 Occlusions*

*(A shorter and more clinically focused follow up piece to our COVID Digest released on 5/1/20) Contributor: Nick Tsipis, MD Educational Pearls: Case series reported 5 cases of generally young and healthy patients with COVID-19 who presented to the ER with acute stroke Now several case series showing cardiovascular involvement or complications related to COVID-19…

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COVID-19 Digest: Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) Vaccine for Treating COVID-19

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD In the US, few people receive vaccination for tuberculosis (TB), a disease that hasn’t been a major killer here for many decades.  But while we in the US mostly experience TB as a relatively rare but real threat in its multidrug resistant form, particularly in patients with HIV–or in Victorian novels–TB…

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Podcast 560: Imaging in a COVID world

Contributor: Don Stader, MD Educational Pearls: COVID-19 commonly appears as a bilateral patchy infiltrate on chest radiograph, but this is a non-specific finding  Sensitivities range from 17-70% for COVID-19 Many other viral pneumonias such as RSV and influenza can have similar findings Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) demonstrates B-lines, water-fall sign, or hepatization of the lung, but…

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Podcast 558:  Rapid ARDS Review

Contributor: Don Stader, MD Educational Pearls: Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a catch all term for when lung injury leads to fluid collection in the air spaces of the lungs  Ventilatory management in ARDS patients involves lower FiO2 and PEEP than other patients and relies on lung protective ventilation strategies to prevent barotrauma Proning…

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COVID-19 Digest: Strokes in Young People with COVID

Host: Elizabeth Esty, MD Last week we looked at neurologic presentations of COVID-19; this week we’ll look more closely at strokes in young people with COVID. A letter published 2 days ago in the NEJM with lead author Thomas Oxley, the Neuro ICU director at Mt Sinai, presents five case studies of relatively young patients…

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Podcast 557: COVID-19 Lab Trends

Contributor: Don Stader, MD Educational Pearls: COVID-19 is diagnosed with a nasopharyngeal swab (q-tip). This unfortunately can be painful, but if the swab doesn’t go deep into the nasal cavity the sample can be inadequate leading to false negatives (missed infections). The sensitivity of the COVID-19 RT PCR test is low, ranging from 66-80% in…

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