Cannabis In Medicine: Is the Grass Greener?

Brewcast Part I: The History of Cannabis in Medicine

Author: Don Stader, M.D

Topic: Don kicks things off with an overview of the history of marijuana and how it has made its way into medicine.

Brewcast Part II: Pharmacology of Cannabis

Author: Brett Marlin, M.D.

Topic: Brett explains the biochemical and physiological properties of cannabis.

Brewcast Part III: Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Author: Rachael Duncan, PharmD BCPS BCCCP

Topic: Rachel explains the science behind one of the most common maladies thought to be induced by chronic cannabis use.

Brewcast Part IV: A Physician’s Perspective on Medical Marijuana

Authors: Don Stader, M.D. & Peter Pryor, M.D.

Topic: What caused Dr. Pryor to leave emergency medicine and enter the realm of medical marijuana?

Brewcast Part V: Researching Cannabis

Author: Sophie Yorkwilliams

-B.A. (Psychology)

-Dual Ph.D. Candidate, Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience. Expected graduation: 2020

Topic: Studying cannabis comes with its own set of challenges. Find out how Sophie and her team have overcome obstacles to get accurate data on marijuana.

Brewcast Part VI: Synthetic Marijuana

Author: Erik Verzemnieks, M.D.

Topic: Erik speaks about how slightly altering the chemical composition of marijuana can create a drug with drastic effects on the human body.

WARNING: Explicit Language

Brewcast Part VII: A Patient’s Perspective on Medical Marijuana

Authors: Don Stader, M.D. & Lauren Gibbs

Topic: Lauren breaks the stoner stereotype and explains how marijuana has positively impacted her life.

Brewcast Part VIII: Cannabis in Colorado

Author: Dr. Larry Wolk, Executive Director and Chief Medical Officer for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Topic: Dr. Larry Wolk educates us on how cannabis has affected Colorado since medical and recreational legalization.